askiaanalyse 5.3.3: new features

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago


askiaanalyse 5.3.3 has been released and it is fully packed with many new features and fixes. Below, we’ll detail some of the most interesting aspects of this new version:

Simplification of the tab definition panel

In order to declutter the `Tab definition` panel (especially for users who do not need advanced functionality), we have added a `Simplify general tab` option. When active, a new `Advanced` panel is displayed below the `Edges`. All the following controls are moved from General to advanced:

  • Title
  • Universe
  • Level
  • Chart templates



Additions to the variable Description panel

We now also display the `Entry code` to the `Description` panel:


Also, each column is now sortable!

Customise the question caption in the treeview / tab definition

Simultaneously displaying different combinations of question captions; especially when manipulating a .QES/.QEW file you did not create.

Two new options have been added:

  • Shortcut + Long Caption
  • Short caption + Long caption


This feature is also available for the `Tab Definition` panel.

New export tools

The `Export to` MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint buttons have been added to the application’s toolbar.


You can use these directly from the `Results`, `Table` & `Portfolio` views.

Export the ToC to Excel

You can add a table of contents to your MS Excel export by means of the below option:


A `ToC` tab will be added to your Excel spreadsheet:


Import assets from another survey

Click the `Tools` menu and click `Import survey definitions`; you will be prompted to select the survey from which you wish to import one or more assets.

You have the possibility to import the `Sub-populations`, `Weightings` & `Calculated variables`.


New calculations

Mention rate

To extend our support for more calculations, we have added `Mention rate` in crosstabs. All results will be calculated on the base of `Sum of responses`.



New calculations by Script: Counts & Percentage

We have added the `Script (base)` calculation for Totals which means you can override the default value for `Counts` to show the base (which makes it clear to explain how you calculate the %).


Wilcoxon’s Rank Sum Test

To compare two `Means` on paired samples (e.g. before / after comparison)


Word clouds

You now have the possibility to export your word cloud as an image (.BMP, .JPG or .GIF).


We have also added the `Group` feature to word clouds; these allow you to group words and (re)use them for other word clouds. You can add words to an existing category or create a new one:


You can of course manage your `Group` library by clicking the `Group` button:


Groups can be edited directly in any text editor:


Once you have amended / maintained your `Group` library, you can either display: `All words`, `Grouped words only` or `Groups only` in your word clouds.

New features for Numeric questions

DK management

You can assign different values on Numeric or Closed question and specify the `Base type`:


Let’s imagine the Numeric question contains the value 10 (a value that is considered as DK /not concerned in this example).
You can now set the DK value to its `Base type` (in the response `Properties`), change the factors (from 10 to NR). The statistic calculation will exclude it automatically.


Note: the answering base on Numeric question will display only the count per DK answers.

There are many more features in this brand new askiaanalyse, such as full 64-bit compliance, the new Longitude & Latitude calculated variables, … So be sure to access the entire list of features.

More knowledge incoming!

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago


We have added some very interesting articles & tutorials to our [[KnowledgeBase|Askia user Knowledge Base]], some of which will most certainly help you improve your workflow and/or knowledge of Askia software.

Effective Base

What is the `Effective Base` and how to use it? This article details this new calculation (introduced in askiaanalyse and how it can help you reduce the effect of a `Weighting` when calculating an `Efficiency Test`.

[[Effective_Base|Read the Effective Base article]]

Level Link - Simple Example

[[Level_Link_-_Simple_Example|This article]] details how the `Level Link` can allow you to compare two variables that belong to two different loops. Seyf runs you through all the necessary steps; from askiaanalyse to [askiaanalyse:askiatools|askiatools] & back to [askiaanalyse:askiaanalyse|askiaanalyse]!

[[Level_Link_-_Simple_Example|Read the Level Link -simple example article]]

Level Link - Mean Difference Example

[[Level_Link__Mean_Difference_Example|This more advanced example]] will allow you to setup a `Level Link` in order to create a table that subtracts `Mean` score where we want to see Loop2 Mean score Loop1 Mean score (for all common response items present in the loops).

[[Level_Link_-_Mean_Difference_Example|Read the Level Link -Mean Difference example article]]

Set up an authentication portal for your web surveys

Stephen wrote a complete tutorial on how to set up an authentication portal for your web surveys. An authentication portal is a web page displayed to your web respondents. It prompts them for their respondent credentials and once the respondents enter their password (or ID), they are redirected to a specific survey. If they have already started the survey, they will resume were they had previously left off.

[[Set_up_an_authentication_portal|Read the Authentication portal article]]

askiaface for Android - device compatibility fixed!

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago



Some of you have contacted us over the past couple of days concerning issues they were experiencing with [[askiavoice:askiaface|askiaface for Android]]: their Android devices were no longer able to update or install the application.

The Google Play Store would display a `Your device isn’t compatible with this version` error message.

Fortunately, we were able to fix this issue and update the application that will now allow you to update / install the application (provided you are running Android 4.0+).

If ever the app listing still displays the same message, don’t panic! You’ll just need to empty the Google Play Store app cache; to do so, just got to `Settings` > `Apps` > `Google Play Store` > `Empty cache`. Restart your device and return to the Play Store, you should now be able to download the application!

We are really sorry for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for your patience!

New articles from the Knowledge Base

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago


We have recently added some new & hopefully interesting articles to the [[KnowledgeBase|askia user knowledge base]], you might find some of these useful for your day to day work with Askia applications.

Below, some details on these recently added articles:

askiatools & Dimensions format error

If you ever obtain a `Format error` when importing an SPSS Dimensions file with askiatools, Christine has your back covered with some troubleshooting tips.

Check out the [[Dimensions_format_error|knowledge base article]] for all the details.

Creating two screen groups: one for desktop, the other for mobile

Should you need to adapt your survey for both desktop & mobile interviewing, Jérôme D published an extensive tutorial to walk you through the entire process in askiadesign.

From browser detection to adapting each survey component to each target size, the tutorial also provides an example questionnaire to help you kickstart your own adaptive survey.

[[Evaluate_Screen_Group|Get started now!]]

Creating a personalised access in askiavista 6

A short yet helpful article that details how to create personalised access links to askiavista 6.x by means of the secure `Autheticity token`.

This will allow you to provide secure links to your clients, partners and/or colleagues without forcing them to remember yet more credentials.

Test it now ****

[[Create_a_personalised_access_link_for_Vista6|Read the article]] to start creating your own secure links!

Auto-submitting your single & grid questions

Tired of obliging your respondents to hit `Enter` or clicking the `Next` button? We are too! This article covers all you need to know to allow you to provide web screens that auto-submit for single & grid questions.

[[AutoSubmit|The article]] also provides the necessary JavaScript files so you can add this improvement to your next survey!

Esomar 3D in Sweden

Added by Jérôme Sopoçko over 4 years ago

The Esomar 3D conference will be in Stockholm from June 15th to the 17th.

It’s called 3D because of the 3 dimensions it encompasses:

1. Online Panels, Communities and Big Data
2. Second Dimension: Social Media Research
3. Third Dimension: Mobile Research

I have been asked to be part of the reading committee which will short list the papers for the conference. I would love it if members of our research family, Askia users, were to submit papers and / or attend. Do contact me if you have any questions.

Check the link below and check the topics in the call for speakers

Askiaface for Android updated to 1.1

Added by Paul Nevin over 4 years ago


[[askiavoice:Askiaface|Askiaface for Android]] has been updated to [[askiavoice:VH_Face_Android|version 1.1]], this minor update includes necessary bug fixes as detailed below:

  • Askia Chapters not interpreted on Android (#5350)
  • Date(now) returns 113 instead of 2013 on Android (#5395)
  • Fixed issue with duplicate interviews with GUID implementation (#5570)
  • Live routings not interpreted on Android (#5350)

To grab this update, just head to the Google Play Store on your [[askiavoice:Askiaface_Android_devices|Android device]] and Update!

We will be pushing a new update very shortly to include another fix and a new feature as well (say cheese so keep an eye out)


One survey to rule them all!

Added by Paul Nevin over 4 years ago

Unfortunately, we haven’t (yet) found the One Ring but Jérôme Duparc can tell you how to [[Evaluate_Screen_Group|evaluate your survey’s screen groups]] in order to serve your web surveys to both desktop & mobile devices with specific screens.

For example, you may want to display your question tables as grids for desktop and break them into independent screens for mobile respondents or simply add a progress bar for desktop only, or even merge certain questions for desktop and have them split on mobile, … The possibilities are infinite!

[[Evaluate_Screen_Group|Go check out the article]] in the [[KnowledgeBase|Knowledge Base]] to add this to your next survey!

Askia at Munich's Research & Results 2013

Added by Paul Nevin over 4 years ago


Once again, Askia will be exhibiting at the Research & Results 2013 show to demonstrate and advise on our ever increasing portfolio of market research driven applications. We will be on stand 138 and very much look forward to seeing you there!

October 23 –24, 2013

MOC Convention Centre, Munich, Germany

We will be on stand 138 and very much look forward to seeing you there!

Askia party at Esomar congress 2013

Added by Paul Nevin over 4 years ago

We have the pleasure to announce that Askia will be hosting our 8th party during the ESOMAR’s annual congress.

It will take place on Sunday, September 22nd from 9:00PM at [The House Café Ortaköy](,352,1,1/house_cafe_eng/…/ortakoy%E2%80%8E) in downtown Istanbul.
Feel free to join us for some drinks and canapés or more!

22 - 25 September

Istanbul, Turkey

A great opportunity to meet friends, new and old, from around the world… Come join us at our special party and / or at stand 35!


Media capture now available on askiaface for iPad! (9 comments)

Added by Paul Nevin over 4 years ago


[[askiavoice:Askiaface|Askiaface for iPad]] has been updated to [[askiavoice:VH_Face_iOS|version 2.1.3]]; among the usual fixes you’ll now be able to trigger Media capture questions within your Askia survey in order to attach a picture to that question.
This feature allows you to either:

  • Select an existing picture from your iPad’s Camera Roll
  • Take a new picture

In order to setup media capture questions in your survey, you’ll need to use askiadesign version 5.3.3 (to be released soon!). There, just create an `Open-ended` variable and generate your screen()s.

Select the `Open-ended` input and select `Image` from the `Layout > Internet styles > Media capture` menu in order to transform the text input into a button that will trigger the media capture.

You can also make use of some CSS in order to fine tune the rendering of the button as displayed above.

Once data collection is completed, extracting the attached pictures is done with [askiaanalyse:Askiatools|AskiaTools].

Fire up AskiaTools and open your Survey. Select the `Export multimedia files from open` option from the `Tools` menu. The above dialogue box will be displayed and will allow you to specify:

  • the target folder for the extracted assets
  • the naming convention you wish to apply to the assets (making optionally use of some AskiaScript)
  • selecting the appropriate question(s) from which you want to extract the image files
  • plus the usual set of available filters in order to only extract a specific set of assets

Click OK and voilà!

You can give this feature a test drive by updating askiaface for iPad and connecting with the demo account. Alternatively, you can create a new connection with the below settings:

  • User name: askia
  • Password: forever
  • URL:
  • Ports: specify 80 for both ports (optional)

That’s all for today; stay tuned as we have some exciting news for askiaface coming soon!


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