askiaface for iOS 3.0 now available! (1 comment)

Added by Paul Nevin almost 4 years ago


After 2 months of development, 48 issues and five bêta versions, we at last have a final release!

Askiaface 3.0 has been published on Apple’s App Store; this major update includes many new bits and pieces:

Based on the iOS 7.1 SDK

Makes use of the most recent iOS environment to leverage the latest bug fixes, new features and performance improvements.

Universal application: askiaface now runs on iPad and iPhone


Complete interface redesign

The interface(s) of Askiaface for iOS 3.0 have been redesigned from the ground up in order to provide a simple, more streamlined and consistent user experience.



We have added automatic geolocation capture to Askiaface for iOS 3.0. Provided you authorise geolocation for the application, each interview will contain the necessary geolocation data.


Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fix on missing survey resources
  • Fix on accented / special characters

You can check the version notes for more information.


Askiavista 6 user documentation is now available!

Added by Paul Nevin almost 4 years ago


We are pleased to announce that the user documentation for askiavista 6 is now available. It is available online at []( and will allow you to:

  • Access detailed information on askiavista 6.x
  • Bookmark specific pages / topics for further viewing
  • Search the documentation for keywords
  • Export the documentation to a `PDF` file

Here’s what it looks like:


Why not give it go?

;) is Heartbleed free!

Added by Joseph Chin almost 4 years ago

After the recent security announcement of the OpenSSL vulnerability we want to reassure you that we take matters of security seriously at Askia. Our datacenter had only one server that was affected by this announcement, this one. While we remain vigilante in keeping our user’s data secure we also remind our users that they should also secure their personally identifiable information, especially passwords.

askiaface for Android 3.0 released!

Added by Paul Nevin almost 4 years ago


Version 3.0 of our dedicated Android face to face application is a major version that includes three new important features:

1. Media capture: photo
2. Increased web service timeout to support larger XML files
3. Geolocation

You can check out the release notes for more details.

Some notes about the above features:

  • The photo capture feature will automatically crop photos to 1024 x 768px in order to avoid `DesignSurveyService` from time-outing when sending large XML interviews (media is encoded in Base64 in the XML).
  • Geolocation: positioning information is stored in a system variable in the .QES’ `AskResponse1` table. This data can be extracted by means of an askiaanalyse `Calculated Variable`.

You can head to the Play Store to update your devices!

Also, check this spot as we have also important news to come on the iDevice side of mobile interviewing ;)

askiaface for Android updated to 2.0.2!

Added by Paul Nevin almost 4 years ago


We have updated our mobile face to face application for Android tablets to version 2.0.2.

This version contains fixes that are all related to issues experienced with resource management:

1. Updated resources were not always correctly updated (still displaying the former version of the resource) on the Android device
2. Attached resources could fail to be transferred to the Android device
3. Replaced resources were missing on the Android device

You can update your devices now directly from the Play Store!

Introducing a new-look User Area - The Help Centre (2 comments)

Added by Jérôme Duparc about 4 years ago

As part of our continued effort to keep you up to date with Askia’s technical information we have launched the Askia Help Centre which spans all of our apps and includes articles and resources to help in your day-to-day management of Askia software

You can find everything you need in the Help Centre ( without a login unless you want installation advice or to post a comment on an article. The content of the Help Centre steps through installations, the product range, all you need to know about our API and a Community area. Here’s the structure:

Installation: Here you will find all the install files, guides and minimum hardware spec to support the apps (you’ll need your login for this section)

Design, Field, Analysis:
These sections contain training documentation, Assistant and Knowledge Base articles (login not needed for this). At the time of launch we already had 220 advanced K-Base articles available to help you increase your technical skills.

API: Here we’ve added all the API info for askiavista (no login needed here either)

Community: This is the place to come to post ideas and questions which can be read by everyone in the Askia community who can also reply to you. If you have something to say, say it here!

On the home page you will notice a Promoted Articles section which is where the most interesting or recent articles will appear. These articles are posted by an Askia panel of experts and product champions which will definitely be of interest to you and will allow you to leave comments or perhaps expand on the article itself.

To make things easier and to get the most out of the articles you will be able to search using keywords so we will be sure to make a good selection available just as we did in Redmine.

Once you have found a useful article you can share it on your preferred social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

You’ll only need your login if you want to comment on any of the articles so get writing and we look forward to reading them soon!

Finally, to further extend our use of our new support platform you will now be able to submit requests for tech help via the Help Centre where you will also be able to see all the emails sent to and their status

So it’s indeed goodbye to Redmine and hello to the Help Centre.

Please use the Forum to let us know what you think so please get started and contribute to this new community platform. We would love to hear from you and the community will thank you for it!

Introducing askiadesign 5.3.3 (4 comments)

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago

What’s new in askiadesign 5.3.3 ?

CATI and CAPI screens are now web-based

We added a new option in the screen group properties “Use web screens in VOICE/FACE”. If you tick this option, the CATI and CAPI screens will be rendered as web screens.


This allows you to embed Flash objects, JavaScript code etc. on screens displayed on the agent/respondent side.

Change the Language of a survey at any time

We added the option to change the language at any time during a survey which uses web screens. An article explaining how it works is available in the knowledge base. You can also test it using a live demo.


New askia design controls (ADC 2.0)

We have created the first batch of new ADC 2.0 controls which are Javascript-based.

These controls are compatible with all devices (desktops, tablets & smartphones); these controls include intelligent fallbacks so if JavaScript is not enabled then the controls will generate classical HTML controls.
You can also build your own controls and can for example build a control which render by default a Flash object; then, if Flash is not enabled, a Javascript fallback version will be triggered. And if Javascript is also not enabled, a classic HTML version will then be displayed to the agent / respondent.
You can also do the same if it’s for desktop, tablet or smartphone so different versions related to the device used. For more information, check the ADC 2.0 full details.

As with ADC 1.0 (Flash), ADC 2.0 allow you to customise the appearance as well as the interaction of your survey controls by giving you access to their design parameters.

Below the list of available controls with links to live demos:

Statement - live demo

StatementOther - live demo

Statement List - live demo

Ranking Isotope - live demo

Image Select - live demo

Of course, more ADC 2.0 controls will soon be released!

To differentiate between ADC 1.0 and ADC 2.0, the colour of the icon used in the resources tab is changed. Orange is used for 1.0 and blue for 2.0.

New askiascript 2.0 objects/properties/methods

We have extended askiascript 2.0 with new objects, properties and methods. There is a list below. The complete askiascript 2.0 documentation is available.


Alternative browser to test surveys

In askiadesign’s Settings, we have added the possibility to set 5 alternative browser paths. For example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, …

When you test a survey in web mode, you will see a new drop down menu. If you select another browser, the system will launch the selected browser with the currently tested page.

Set the capacity during a test in askiadesign (useful to test the fallback of ADC 2.0)

In askiadesign 5.3.2, we added the possibility to specify the resolution of the browser you want to test. In askiadesign 5.3.3, we also added an option to enable or disable some functionality to help test the new ADC 2.0, especially the fallback of the controls.
For instance, simulate pure HTML in a small browser:

800 x 400:Javascript:false,Flash:“”

This would run ADCs assuming that neither Javascript nor Flash are run on the browser
For details of all the capabilities you can alter, see the list of browser plugin keys

Improvement of internet parameter imports

We have improved the way a question can be imported through its internet parameters:

1. Two new import types added: Platform One and Fulcrum. These are like a normal internet parameter imports but we needed to flag that they might act differently.
2. The `Make the question invisible when imported` option, which allows the user to ask the question if it has not been specified in the received link / importation.
3. We have allowed questions within loops to be imported. In this case you need to define the name of the parameter for each loop item.
4. Multiple questions can now be imported when you use entry codes or order: you simply need to separate the values with commas e.g.“askiaext.dll?action=newinterview&newspapers=1,3,4”
5. For Platform One imports, we have a new field indicating if the data is “Read/write”, “Read only” or “Write only”.


Response / resource association improvement

The item None has been added (to deselect an image). Only images are now displayed and in alphabetical order.

ToolTips in the Resources tab

We have added tooltips to the Resources tab (located in askiadesign’s Screen mode) when you mouse over a resource. It displays the the resource path or the version number of the appropriate ADC control.

Coming soon in askiafield 5.3.3 part 2

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago

This is the follow-up article to last week’s post(Coming soon in askiafield 5.3.3 part 1) that detailed all new features of [[askiavoice:|askiafield]] 5.3.3 that were specifically located in askiafield Administrator.

This week, we’ll be covering new additions to Supervisor, CCA Portal, AskiaClient & AskiaFace such as:

  • New Ribbon control
  • Web screens for CATi & CAPi
  • Agent view
  • CATi Click & Go

Supervisor’s new Ribbon control

Supervisor now makes use of a Ribbon control as well as a new (fully consistent) icon set. Instead of having to right-click on elements in order to display its contextual actions, all actions are now available directly from the Ribbon.
Note that the old right-click menu is still there. And if you don’t want to use the ribbon, just double-click on the header to hide it.

Clicking the Supervisor icon (located in the top left corner), you can access the `CCA Settings`, `Logging Settings` and `View CCA Log` actions.


The ribbon is split in 4 main sections:

  • View
  • Create
  • Extra
  • Dynamic (this fourth tab displays the selected window actions)


*A. View*

The `View` section is split into three categories:
1. Open/Select view: gives you access to all Views (panels)

2\. Window: this section contains window preset management controls and allows you to load / save or arrange Supervisor’s workspace.


3\. Options: this section is composed of all language settings, window snapping and view filtering.


*B. Create*

The `Create` tab is composed of four categories:

It allows you to create new elements on the askiafield Administrator (Task, Group, List & other objects).

*C. Extra*

From the `Extra` tab, you will have access to other askiafield Administrator settings and actions that are generally not directly related to your fieldwork.


*D. Dynamic*

This last tab is dynamic and will thus display controls based on the currently selected window/panel. It contains all actions that were available from the contextual menu in previous versions.

For example, if you’re focused on the `Tasks` window, the dynamic view will contain these controls:

And if the `Agents` window is selected, you’ll obtain:


Web screens for CATi & CAPi

With version 5.3.3, we have made a big step for the display of surveys in CATi & CAPi: now, web screens are available in these two modes!
This allows you to embed Flash objects, JavaScript code, … on screens displayed on the agent/respondent side.

During the setup/update of a CATi or CAPi machine in 5.3.3, a `Scripts` folder will be copied to the machine. That’s the same folder content than the one used in askiadesign.

On Windows 7 and higher, this folder is set to:


On windows XP, it’s located in:

C:\Program Files\AskiaField\AskiaClient

The first step is to enable web screens for CATi/CAPi. In askiadesign’s `Screen` mode, select the `Screen` tab in the left panel and right-click `Screen group` > `Properties` > `Screen group` tab and activate the `Use web screens in Voice/Face` option.

On the CATi/CAPi side, the agent (or respondent) will be able to obtain richer layouts, interactive controls, … as below:

CCA Portal new features

*A. Agent view*

The `Agent` view has been added to CCA Portal 5.3.3 and allows you to monitor your live fieldwork from any browser.

From this view, you can create or delete an agent, run a `See in`, `Listen in` or even `Send a message`.


*B. CATi Click & Go*

Click & Go for CATi is now available in CCA Portal. Enter your login and password, go to the left pane, select `Click & Go Supervisor/CATi` and then select `CATi`. Once the Click & Go setup has been downloaded, double click it. You will be able to connect as an agent to the appropriate CCA and run interviews.

That’s all for today but stay tuned as we will be detailing the massive improvements to askiavista sometime next week!

Coming soon in askiafield 5.3.3 part 1

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago

[[askiavoice:|askiafield]] 5.3.3 will soon be released to our users; this major update is loaded with many new features & improvements.

We’ll be covering these new elements over a two-post series, this first post details all major additions to the askiafield Administrator (aka CCA) such as: Filter views, Workspace management, VoIP quality alarms, Auto-updates, Retrieving DoPanel links and more!

Restrictions: global settings management

In previous versions, certain application settings were directly managed in the Windows Registry for Supervisor and CATI. With 5.3.3, you have the ability to manage them directly from the `Restrictions` properties.

Agent type restriction:

  • Location mode: Defined by computer / Agent selects / Pick free softphone

  • `Askia Enable Full Screen` and `AskiaClient hide CATI during call`


Supervisor type restriction:

As for CATI, the location mode can be set for a specific restriction.
Also, you have the ability to set the workspace for the supervisor, according to the usage you want to give. By making use of `Enable inbound`, `Enable outbound`, `Enable CAPI`, `Enable coding` and `Enable web`, it will activate / deactivate some menus or windows on the Supervisor side.


Filter view

This allows you to filter a view’s content by setting a filter on each column.


The `Custom filter` option allows you to display elements that:

  • Begins with
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Does not equals
  • Ends with
  • Equals
  • Regular Expression

In the second drop down you may choose value or you can type your own.



Workspaces (used to be `Window profiles`) have slightly changed behaviour:

Instead of storing the current workspace ID and forcing every user to the same workspace,* each Supervisor user now has his own workspace*.

This has following benefits:

  • Each supervisor workspace will be restored to its last state when the corresponding user logs in, independent of which machine he/she was working on last time.
  • The old workspaces are now `Workspace presets`, which allow you to change your own workspace to the saved workspace. After this you again be working in your own workspace.


Alarms on VoIP quality

It is now possible to set alarms on VoIP quality. Open the `Alarms` dialog, select the CATI tab and tick `Enable Voice Quality Detection`.


VoIP logging per Agent

VoIP logging can be enabled/disabled and downloaded per agent. This function is available from the `Agent` contextual menu. It allows you to retrieve extra logs on a location where you may be experiencing dialling issues.



There is a new setting which allows you to keep your askiafield Administrator(CCA) up to date automatically. You can disable auto-updates, only download the latest version or download & install the latest version.


Duplicate Scheduled Tasks

We have added the ability to duplicate `Scheduled Tasks`. In the `Sample` properties modal, select the `Scheduling` tab and then right-click the appropriate `Scheduled Task` and select `Duplicate`.


Properties opened by another Supervisor

Now, when you want to open the `Properties` of any object (`Task`, `Agent`, `List`, …), an alert displays the name of the supervisor who is currently editing these `Properties`.


Retrieving DoPanel links

From the `Find/edit contact` window, you now have the ability to:

  • Start the web interview for a selected contact. It will place you at the exact spot where the respondent is.
  • Start a test panel interview for this contact (no data recorded).
  • Copy the panel link. Note for this, you can select multiple contacts to get their panel links.


Limit the amount of reminder emails

You can now limit the amount of reminders emails; this option is now available in the `Send reminder mails` settings modal.


Outbound group monitor details

On the contextual menu for a selected `Outbound group`, you have the ability to see the dialling performance for this group.


By clicking the `History` button, you have a specific window dedicated to the performance of Predictive dialling:


That’s all for now, we’ll be posting the second and last part of this series of posts next week. It will detail all new elements in Supervisor, CCAPortal, AskiaFace & AskiaClient.



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