A better website & a new blog for Askia!

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


Today, we’re extremely pleased to announce the release of a brand new website for Askia along with Open end, our new blog!

Askia’s new website

This redesign is intended to simplify the way you experience our website:

  • it’s fully responsive to allow you to use / browse it on any device
  • no more Flash, it’s all JavaScript & CSS so any device can now display its content
  • our applications are now grouped by solution: askiadesign, askiafield & askiaanalysis

We will be updating Askia’s new website regularly over the next coming weeks to add new content and to iron out all outstanding issues!


Open ends, Askia’s blog

This post is the last on this news feed; this is no replaced by Open ends, our new blog that is a publication about market research, survey software & data analysis by Askia.
There, you’ll find the usual news content:

  • software updates
  • new features
  • new documentation
  • company news
  • exhibitions
  • and more!

Commenting on new blog posts no longer requires a login & password so interacting with us will be even easier! As per the new website, this blog is completely responsive, once again allowing you to read it comfortably from any device!


This askiavista is massive!

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


Hi all,

We have finally released version of askiavista! First, of all, don’t judge a book by looking at the cover: this is more a 6.1 version than a minor version. Indeed, it packs:

  • 22 new features
  • 22 bug fixes
  • 7 miscellaneous tasks

Below, some of the key new features:

Portfolio section pages


Users can now create `Section pages` within their `Portfolios`; these pages allow to add formatted text and media (image & video).
Such pages are a great solution for report introductions, notes, metadata, …

New portfolio link management


Portfolio links have been completely overhauled in order to allow many nifty features such as Expiry dates, Filter management, dynamic tabbing, custom URLs, default page, …
Portfolio links can also be duplicated in order to batch create multiple links.

Reorder portfolio items


This was a recurrent client request: having the possibility to reorder elements (tab defs & now section pages) from within a portfolio.

Raw data / open-ended management


Askiavista is now able to render data at interview level and can also render open-ended data! These flat tables are accessible in a dedicated view and can of course be embedded within a Portfolio.

Fixed headers


In order to improve our user experience when browsing large cross-tabs, we have added fixed headers (for Rows, Columns & Edges) to the Default table style.

Select / unselect all


This client request allows users to select all questions or response items in a given Dimension (R/C/E). This is especially useful when dealing with many questions or for very long lists of response items to which you may want to apply a given action (group, hide, …).

View source


This option (hidden by default), allows advanced users and API developers to embed table & chart data directly in their web page; could it be an askiavista-driven dashboard, portal or web page.

Compressed inverted data

We have decided to improve the inverted format:

  • We decided to rename the old files and not use the number of responses as an extension - this was causing unnecessary problems when a question was recalculated or if the max number of responses was manually changed in Design. The extension is always `.dat`.
  • The developed questions in a loop are no longer stored individually - the greyed questions always contained the information so we thought the cost of reading the whole greyed data for that question was a small price to pay compared to store all the data twice
  • We store system data ~~or\ peri-data~~ such as `start time`, `end-time`, `IP-address`, `completion`, …
  • The data is now compressed
  • We have backwards compatibility: inverted data produced with a version prior to 5.3.4 is read properly but the new inverted files are not readable by Vista (yet) or an old Analyse / Tools

We have seen up to 90% decrease of the inverted database size and almost no noticeable deterioration of the reading speed

For the full list of new features & bug fixes, check the changelog.


askiaface for iOS updated!

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


askiaface has been updated to version 3.0.5; this new version includes the following:

  • Fixes an issue when running iOS 8+ in landscape mode (#6201)
  • Adds Set language on-the-fly (#6132)
  • Fixes an issue when returning back on a screen with an ADC 2.0 that would display blank answer(s) (#6133)

This update is now available in the App Store and can be downloaded on all your devices!

Askia opens offices in LA and now hiring! (1 comment)

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


Askia has set up a new office in Los Angeles. The office is the second for Askia in the United States, reflecting the growth of the company’s survey software business and demand from marketing research agencies for specialized, innovative software solutions.

Jamey Corriveau, Director of U.S. Operations, will head up the new office. Jamey is currently hiring both client service and technical support staff to provide expanded customer care.

Corriveau has worked for over 25 years in the survey and market research industry, with 14 years at SPSS Inc. His roles have reflected a variety of business and technical responsibilities, including Operations Vice President, Director of Product Marketing, Manager of Solutions Architects, and Systems Engineer. He has extensive experience and knowledge of the business issues facing today’s market researchers and is a frequent speaker at market research industry events.

Askia’s New York office will continue to support clients in the region, with both offices providing coast-to-coast coverage for Askia’s users.

Edit: the LA office address is:
[Askia Los Angeles](,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90028,+USA/@34.0979964,–118.3316049,16z/data=![](4m2)3m1!1s0x80c2bf3a8a833a4f:0xbfbf8b7fdb6a96f6?hl=en-GB)
6515 W. Sunset Boulevard #320
Los Angeles, CA 90028

New KB articles incoming!

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


We have been regularly updating Askia’s Help centre with various KB articles that cover our software offering.
Here are some of these latest articles:

Askiadesign: about:blank error message

Microsoft recently updated Internet Explorer. This update may cause the below error message to be displayed in askiadesign:

See the full article to fix this issue.

Askiafield: Data exports: Methods, Pros & Cons

This in-depth article covers all you need to know about the different data export methods along with the pros & cons for each method.
From Supervisor’s Export to QES file to Analyse’s Data Inversion; this article also details SQL Synchronisation from AskiaTools as well as the powerful Fast Export method.

Read the full article for the detailed explanations

Askiaanalyse: Mean Summary Tables

This article goes through step by step examples and explanations of how to set up calculations in Analyse which will create a mean or sum summary table. There is also an introduction to script formatting and advanced sorting for such calculations.
This detailed article also provides downloadable example `.QES` files.

Access the KB article

Askiafield: Survey XML file is corrupt

Askiaface for iOS & Android make use of the XML version of the `.QEX` file; it sometimes occurs that certain characters (trailing spaces, &, >, <, …) will cause the survey’s XML definition to be invalid.

This article guides you through the necessary steps to fix a corrupt XML file: by identifying the cuplrit(s) and getting rid of them!

Check out the article for more details

Askiafield: wildcards

This article describes how to use the `Wildcard` feature in Supervisor to find and update sample contacts based on regular expressions.

Wildcards are a set of extremely useful tools that can power your worklfow when searching / targeting specific contacts with large sample files.

Read the detailed article for more information

Props to Seyf, Stephen & Jérome D for their contribution!

Smiley rating ADC 2.0 available (2 comments)

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


We have released a new ADC 2.0 survey control: a Smiley Rating!

This survey control is designed for Single questions and Loop single questions to which you can assign 2,
3, 4 or 5 smileys and optionally a `Don’t know`.


You can check out the Knowledge Base article for more information, download the example survey or test the control now!


New ADC 2.0 controls

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


Two new ADC controls have been added to the gallery. These new controls use the ADC 2.0 specification, meaning that they no longer require third-party plugins such as Flash to run in the browser but solely require JavaScript, CSS & HTML for multi-device compatibility.



This ADC 2.0 control is compatible with single, numerical (using Response Block), single loop and numerical loop question types.

You can check out the demo, download the example survey or check out the detailed Knowledge Base entry.

Star rating


The Star rating ADC 2.0 is designed for use with single, numerical (response block), single and numerical loop question types.

You can check out the demo, download the example survey or check out the detailed Knowledge Base entry.


Also available in: Atom