Askiadesign version history (Not released)


  • Delete from the interface in askiadesign the routing set charset in the list of action (#6097)
  • Functionality to set default ADCs for chapter, numeric, open ended and date questions (#7199)
  • Delete the 3 options show routings of the View menu (#7638)
  • Delete the option settings Chromium installed (#7643)
  • Make CurrentQuestions working in debug (#7786)
  • New routing - Query a web service (#7842)
  • "Runtime debug" does not work on "run an Askia Script" Action (#7850)
  • Improvement to dynamic libraries (#7903)
  • Improve management of the screens/elements when an adc use a PropQuestion (#8082)
  • Increase height of the properties (#8178)


  • Generate error message when saving as QEX if resources when number of characters greater than 50. (#7072)
  • QES Problem with long resource names (#7202)
  • Routing selectors aren't compatible with "Run an askia script" (#7698)
  • Question type adc parameter not recognised in multimedia tab (#7845)
  • "Automatic Verification of Screens" Does not update the Screen caption of a copy/pasted question (#7923)
  • Can't expand the last node of the revision history (#7979)
  • New Live Routings doesn't work with question referred by PropQuestion of an ADC (#8081)
  • Editor - The release note doesn't include the methods or properties from 5.4.7 and 5.4.8 (#8099)
  • Editor - Mistake in the Dictionary section (#8101)
  • Test button of the routing Query a webservice doesn't work (#8113)
  • Problem in the Parser of LoadJSON with empty object in the response (#8114)
  • Crash design when no internet connection and test a survey (#8116)
  • CurrentHttpResponse is not recognised and colored in red (#8117)
  • Editor - Mistake in the Variant section (#8180)
  • Duplicate screen group when automatic generation/verification (#8193)
  • Replace WebProdScript in the headers key of the query a web service routing to List of keys (#8261)
  • Import from library does not work for some routings (#8331) (2018-01-16)

  • The list of responses or long caption or short caption are not refreshed when using Find and Replace or Undo or switching the languages of the survey (#8260)
  • ResPath doesn't work in design if not blank (#8271)
  • The new quota keywords should return the list of responses instead of nothing in design (#8285)
  • High resolution screen support in Design (#7101) (2018-01-12)

  • adc/adp file type property should use relative path (#8080)
  • Condition box layout issue (#7863)
  • Live routing not working on closed question with 15 items or more (#7880)
  • Infinite loop when using Question.Reponses inside a "ignore response" filter (#7929)
  • The updates and reload options for the adc are greyed out for adcs requiring parent loop (#7988)
  • Small issue on interactive library: 'Product type' not showing (#7995)
  • Infinite loop when nested Selection at each iteration loop (#8103)
  • HasParentLoop Keyword doesn't work (#8104)
  • ADP are not saved in the qex when saving the first time a new survey (#8119)
  • Hover an ADP doesn't show the version number like the adc but the path of the file instead (#8123)
  • Update control from library doesn't work for ADP (#8124)
  • Crash design when creating a new survey from the screen mode (#8176)
  • AvailableQuota askiascript 1.0 doesn't work in design since 544 (#8177)
  • Encoding of the question handler not correct when using ADP (#8204) (2017-09-18)


  • Global directory on network for ADCs (#5645)
  • Reorganise the Control library node using the question type (#7641)
  • ADC for multiple questions (#7843)


  • Add to library -> The ADP is not saved in the qex of the library (#7910)
  • Default internet options with ADP, the ADP is not pasted in the new survey (#7911)
  • Switching between ADPs only works once. (#7835)
  • Setting an internet template as default does not apply the ADP automatically. (#7834)

Export to word

  • Word export - new options (#7840)


  • New options on interactive library (#7824)
  • Rename Visible during data entry and Pause during data entry for chapters (#5029)


  • IE testing uses jupiter (#7642)
  • Add an option in the settings to show or hide the command windows when using jupiter (#7644)


  • Rename Versions to Scenarios (#7677)
  • Freeze EntryCodes of selected questions or entire survey (#6487)
  • New icons for screen mode (#7776)
  • AskiaScript editor typo (#7836)
  • Implement the Theme selection for the Multimedia tab of the properties (#7351)
  • Added Javascript in the CSS tab and made the css / javascript available in the screen properties (#7645)
  • Be able to identify if there is live routings for a question on the page (#7655)
  • Delete Internet Styles Ranking and Slider and keep only Media capture (#7659)
  • Add Factor to the Responses collection (#7678)
  • Added keyword CollateAny to speed up matching (#7772)
  • Add the InputCode property to the Question object (#7783)


  • Using the Properties window in Screen mode to change HTML causes Design to Crash/Show an Error (#7871)
  • Design 5.4.4+ crashes when response captions have more than 1064 characters (#7904)
  • Pb with accented characters when using different templates or two screen group (#7780)
  • CurrentQuestions doesn't work properly with loop questions (#7782)
  • Encountered an improper argument (Loop with preliminary selection) (#7808)
  • Help menu Content generate an error message Failed to launch help (#7652) (Not released)

  • Missing translations for the error messages (#7369)
  • The asx window appear all greyed when we maximise the window (#7653)
  • Save As to QES Or XML from QEX would lose path of resources (#7705)
  • Theme and ADP properties not saved in XML (#7706) (Not released)

  • Use functions with the Scripts 2.0 (#6824)
  • Minify all askia javascripts (#6956)
  • !!CurrentQuestion.Shortcut!! to work in Design > Error messages (#7300)
  • Interactive Library (#7467)
  • New AskiaScript methods to compare strings (#7492)
  • Change Federated Sample data to Fulcrum Sample Data in Import dialog (#7497)
  • Routing Description not saved in XML (#7504)
  • Interactive library and wizard (#7505)
  • Added option for seed when testing interview (#7514)
  • New skin for the old ceremony (#7529)
  • Debug window works with inline scripting (#7531)
  • Jupiter - Web Storm (#7532)
  • Has works with array of strings (#7574)
  • Renewal of licences is now automatic (#7595)
  • Added option to view invisible ADX properties (#7597)
  • The icon used by design doesn't have the good resolution (#7647)
  • Preliminary loop within a preliminary loop: scripts don't work (#2143)
  • Has always evaluates to True when evaluating open question types (#5902)
  • .Answers keyword doesn't work on loop with preliminary selection (#7103)
  • The & sign is replaced by & when switching from preview to source (#7191)
  • Design Verify Screen Issue (#7240)
  • ampersand script error (#7244)
  • Secondary Color selection insert Theme.CInterneTheme::ColorSecondary instead of Theme.ColorSecondary (#7350)
  • Entity codes for < & > cause script errors in Design (#7411)
  • Alphabetical rotation not working with text substitution (#7483)
  • Compatibility adc controls missing in Properties tab->Multimedia (#7542)
  • Crash Askcmn / Askiaext with script for rotation of responses (#7585)
  • Line Feed and Carriage Return should be treated in the Question Handler (#7648)
  • Do not generate Question.Handler on the page for questions that use adcs (#7649)
  • bashslash + n should not be transformed in the inlinescript of adc (#7658)
  • Indicate the dependencies of the namespaces in the comments to generate the askiascript's intellisense (#7660) (2017-07-05)

  • Askia xml doesn't read / write info for Visible in Analyse option (#7770)
  • When numerical question got decimals, the conditions doesn't work (#4312)
  • Updating resources doesn't work because it's not deleting the old resource file (#7590)
  • The min number of responses is missing in the error message (#7696)
  • Selecting an internet template is glitchy (#7699)
  • Sanity checks missing when exporting AskiaWord to AskiaDesign (#7744) (2017-01-25)

  • New routing type through GUI : always (#6976)
  • Options not to store media resources in the QEX (#6977)
  • Persistence of tree state when changing mode (#6979)
  • Help debug a screen by selecting last question (#6981)
  • Screen naming matched question shortcuts by default (#6983)
  • Current screen is selected when moving into screen mode (#6985)
  • Added properties HasParentChapter and ParentChapter for questions (#6988)
  • New Routing type: Run Askia Script (#6989)
  • Support of version in resource (#6997)
  • Added properties to Interview object (#7003)
  • Errors property to question (#7018)
  • Redesign of the internet options to support ADP (#7096)
  • Survey data anonymization (#7129)
  • ADC / ADP: Support for file type (#7184)
  • Translator supports XML format (#7307)
  • Translator works from the command line (#7308)
  • Better handling of having a shortcut using a defined keyword (#7536)
  • Redesign of AskiaScript for loop (#7546)
  • The accent are replaced by #e in the script window (#6947)
  • Response rotation in preliminary and iterative loops was broken (#6982)
  • Merging screen with response blocks (#6984)
  • Arabic characters not working in Live routing (#6995)
  • Error with keyword Push - string expected (#7007)
  • Problem with live update of captions and new scripts (#7081)
  • Edit option is deselected when copying/pasting routing (#7170)
  • QuotaToDo and AvailableQuota functions no longer return 1 when run locally (#7206)
  • Always unselected when copy and pasted (#7288)
  • HasParentChapter and ParentChapter don't work together (#7289)
  • External resources do not work on the server. (#7290)
  • Crash when copying responses with resources from one instance of Design to another (#7535)
  • Added a new link type: Always include exclusive responses (#6926)
  • Added an automatic verification of Screens (#6927)
  • Fixed an issue with Fast Finder and DSN field (#6427)
  • Fixed an issue where the Revision History's scroll wasn't working; one could not get to end of the revision list (#6876)
  • Fixed an issue where Copying&Pasting from an outside source could result in AskiaScript errors when testing the survey (#6885)
  • Fixed an issue where Make the question invisible option on Imports was not working for Import types other than Internet Parameter (#6895)
  • Fixed an issue with Word Export's settings background color for Questions (#6962)

Past Versions