Welcome to askiadesign’s wiki

Elegance and simplicity for questionnaire design

We believe that designing questionnaires should be elegant and simple. For us, this means achieving the right combination of ease of use and power.

askiadesign has been built to be accessible, with an interface that can be picked up in seconds. Yet it also gives you the ability to define the most complex of surveys.

If you’re a market research agency (big or small) or an active internal research team you’ll find askiadesign gives you all you need to create engaging, insightful and effective questionnaires.

Askiadesign gives you:

  • A single platform for designing all questionnaire types askiadesign lets you work easily across multiple modes (CATI, CAWI, CAPI, Mobile) and languages. This flexibility and interoperability means you can use askiadesign across all of your data collection methods, safe in the knowledge that moving from one stage to the next in your research project will be easy. All this flexibility in just one questionnaire file.
  • Powerful questionnaire design tools: with askiadesign you can build questionnaires that contain: loops, complex script-based routings, multimedia controls, database interaction, calculated questions, automatic sending of e-mails and more. You can easily create and control multiple question paths for different respondent types within a survey. This dramatically reduces routing complexity and makes it easier to assure quality, thereby reducing the time it takes to get a survey to field.
  • Improved productivity: askiadesign has been built with powerful workflow optimisation tools to help your team get more done. From access to shared libraries (questions and controls) and templates, to the ability to import directly with our MS Word plugin, askiadesign will help reduce waste and improve efficiency.
  • Simple user testing and quality control: included as standard are powerful questionnaire test features which allow you to debug, save, test logic flows and usability with the same formatting as the live survey.
  • Modify on-the-fly: you can make modifications to live surveys (change questions, quotas, and resource files) without any costly fieldwork downtime.
  • Improve respondent engagement: we’ve fully integrated a wide range of customisable user controls which can be drag and dropped into surveys to help engage respondents. Our wide range of controls already include: sliders, heat maps, GeoMaps, gauges, drag and drop and more, and we keep adding to our global library which all our clients can use and customise.

The askiadesign solution includes: