Welcome to the askiaanalysis wiki!

The industry standard for reporting survey data

askiaanalysis is a set of powerful and flexible applications for in-depth data analysis and reporting.

  • askiaanalyse: a powerful desktop solution for running analysis and tables
  • askiavista: an online cross-tab and dashboard tool that provides you and your clients access to data online, anytime and anywhere in real-time
  • askiasurf: our unique tool for making light work of merging data from continuous surveys
  • askiatools: our powerful utility application for advanced manipulation of survey databases, including importing and exporting data to other industry formats.

These solutions perform equally well doing the heavy lifting in the mass production of DP reports while also providing the finesse needed for refined, interactive data analyses.

If you’re a market research agency (big or small) or an active internal research team you’ll find askiaanalysis gives you all the tools you need to quickly and effectively generate insights from your data.

askiaanalyse & askiavista

Our desktop (askiaanalyse) and online (askiavista) solutions:

  • Deliver the most complex of analyses at the click of a button: you just choose the questions, choose a table, graph, or multi-variate analysis, and you have the results in seconds. Furthermore askiavista gives you one-click web reports (with user-based access to data).
  • Benefit from powerful and flexible analysis tools: askiaanalyse and askiavista provide a range of in-depth analysis features, enabling you to analyse hierarchical loop/levels of data, look at sub-populations (filters/ bases), perform statistical calculations (inc. a wide range of significance tests, multi-variant analyses and word clouds), apply case and variable weighting, create charts and much more.
  • Seamless integration: you can quickly and easily import data from a wide range of file types and applications (inc. Triple-S, SPSS, Excel, Access).
  • Reduce time to results with fully customisable portfolios: with our powerful facility for sorting charts and tables into portfolios, allowing you to manage the results and presentation easily. You can even compare results from different surveys without having to re-design any of your tables. And, of course you can move files between our desktop (askiaanalyse) and web based (askiavista) applications.
  • Save even more time: by designing your reports before interviewing is complete, then, on receipt of the data, all of your tables and charts are produced and formatted automatically. This is great for carrying out continuous or omnibus surveys, as you only have to design your analyses once.
  • Quick off the blocks: despite their depth of features these tools are easy to use. They require only basic training to start producing professional-looking tables and the user-friendly GUI allows new users to get started quickly while the advanced scripting functionality provides powerful options to experienced users. What is more, our Invert Data option lets you create records based on variables rather than just respondents, significantly reducing the time it takes to analyse large datasets.
  • Customise and integrate: our SDK and APIs give you full access so your advanced users can design their own portals and dashboards. This means that you can easily create compelling data visualisation (e.g. GeoMaps, gauges, advanced tables, combination charts) to help bring your portals and dashboards to life.


askiasurf is our unique data merging tool which helps you take the hassle out of trackers and other continuous surveys.

It lets you manage ever changing lists of responses or questions from one wave to another and to produce aggregate data
without having to build new files.

askiasurf integrates with the entire Askia range allowing the user to change variable and table captions, the order of questions and responses using askiadesign. askiasurf questionnaires can then be easily processed using askiaanalyse or askiavista. Furthermore, by using askiasurf’s API, you have the option of developing forecasting software using seasonality, exponential smoothing or wavelets.