Askia Development: New date for our first users conference: Thursday June 10th.

Added by Patrick George Lassale almost 8 years ago

After being hacked by the 2010 UK general election, Askia has decided to postpone the first Askia User Conference: “opening new frontiers” to 10 June, 2010 still in Paris…

Dear users,

After much speculation, we are delighted to confirm that the inaugural Askia Users Conference will be held on Thursday June 10th at Le Tapis Rouge in Paris.

We are sure you won’t want to miss what promises to be a great event and registration is now officially open.

The aim of the presentations - from all corners of the community - is to show how to extend the scope of Askia software; pushing the limits in survey design, integrating the software in the enterprise information systems, improving productivity through streamlined processes and advanced functionalities, use of new on-line technologies, methodology for dealing with continuous surveys or for quick-return ad-hoc surveys. We very much hope that sharing the information with each other will enable you to view new options in how you use Askia software in your day-to-day role. As mentioned before, this is not a sales forum, but the coming together of colleagues and partners to discuss our common goal of applying Askia technology in imaginative and productive ways to enable you to perhaps redefine the options available to you. Do not hesitate to send us topics you would like to see covered…

So, onto the details:

The fee for the conference will be 250 Euros with a corresponding early bird rate of 200 Euros if you register before Wednesday 31st of March. This includes entry to the welcome reception which will be held on the Wednesday evening prior to the event and one night’s accommodation at a nice hotel in central Paris including breakfast. Additionally, lunch will be provided on site. To register, please send us an email confirming your attendance along with the number of participants and all relevant details for invoicing purposes. Applications need to be emailed to us at

If you don’t need accommodation, the fee will be to 175 Euros; again, confirmation by Wednesday, March 31st gets you the early bird rate of 150 Euros.

In all instances, we will be unable to accept any applications received after Friday, May 14th. So, please let us know if you wish to attend as soon as you possibly can.

For those of you who do require hotel accommodation and who’d like to stay additional nights in Paris, we have negotiated preferential rates on your behalf. Please indicate in your email the number of additional nights required and we’ll contact you with further details.

Finally, if you would like to share your thoughts with fellow users from around the globe, we would love to hear from you. We still have room for a handful of 20 and 40 minute presentations which highlight people’s experiences of pushing the boundaries of market research and where Askia software has played a key role. This call for speakers will end on Wednesday, March 31st so please forward your proposals to me as soon as possible. If selected, final papers would need to be submitted to us by Friday, May 14th.

Best regards,

CEO & Useless for Support

Askia Development: askiadesign - version 5.2 (2 comments)

Added by Jérôme Duparc about 8 years ago


askiadesign v5.2 has now been released for 2 months.

This version includes more than 30 features such as:

  • More drag and drop to automatically write `??ShortCut??` in `LongCaption` or `ShortCaption`, in routing mode in the condition window, to insert resources into a screen etc…
  • Better resource management (image, audio & video files) set in the QEX file and visible in all modes (CATI,CAPI,CAWI)
  • Ability to change the radio button and checkbox generated by the web browser. We have developed a specific application (DesignSkinEditor) to help you create your custom Skins; but we also provide generic skins by default with the application.
  • New Ask routing (‘only ask if’…).
  • Ability to refer to the entry codes in askiascript
  • Change the font of a specific word or group of words in LongCaption with a new formatting toolbar.
  • Adobe Flash object integration.

The complete list of features is on our users’ area here

We will soon release a new 5.2.2 version. It will include a new library of controls available for web surveys, the ADC (Askia Design Control).
What is ADC: it’s the possibility to select which controls you would like to use on your web screen and simply drag and drop the selected control onto the screen. You will also be able to change some parameter using a GUI so for instance here is a “Gender” ADC control that replaces the ‘male’ and ‘female’ responses.


And here are the ADC properties where we can change the color of the tick box:



Askia Development: Cca 5.2 is here!

Added by Yannick Abbé about 8 years ago

The stars are capricious and often late. Ours is called [[askiavoice:CCA]] 5.2. After many months of gestation, version 5.2 is now available!

Why the delay? Simply because this version has required considerable development work and testing. A huge part of the code has been rewritten and optimized to improve in large proportions stability and memory management used by the [[askiavoice:CCA]]. A simple glance at the [[askiavoice:VH_CCA|Version History]] of [[askiavoice:CCA]] will give an overview of the magnitude of the task performed by the developers. The [[askiavoice:CCA]] engine underwent a major revision. Some parts were changed, others were added, all within the context of making the [[askiavoice:CCA]] more efficient and ready for future new features. And the most frustrating in this revision of the code is that it is almost invisible…

In summary, few innovations visible in this version, but many will be in future versions (including 5.2.1, currently in testing, & very promising).

*Some new features:*

  • Uncompleted interviews are now stored on the questionnaire if `Keep uncompleted` is on for the survey.
  • Some new fields have been implemented in the questionnaire and lists to obtain the most accurate information possible.
  • The features `Find number` and `Recover number` on the lists have been merged into a single command: `Find / edit contact`. The search engine has been improved and search by multiple criteria is now available. Similarly, you can see the date and time of recall of an address. From `Find / edit contact`, you can access the call history for a selected contact. You can also edit data directly from the interview (direct link to `Edit interviews`) or the date of appointment.
  • The contextual menu `no calls?` is now available on Agents and Outbound groups. Reasons are also more specific (with 33 possible causes, compared to 10 before).
  • The options for `Update with current external data` have been refined. It is now possible to update certain types of fields, or add all or part of contacts in the sample list.
  • Monitor dialog now shows user-defined result codes
  • Addresses with priority at `0` are not reflected in the number of available addresses.
  • Mailing statistics have been optimized (`Quota reached / Go without saving / Survey offline`).

These are some new beginnings of a wave that will sweep with 5.2.1!

Askia Development: It's hot, it's here, it's 五三一一!

Added by Benjamin Pollard Nelson over 8 years ago

Hi All,

We’ve finished packaging the new update for [[askiavista:]] !

We’ve done a lot of work over the last several months, building in new scalability & load-balancing features[^1]. However, we also decided it was time to fully revamp the install & update process in an effort to simplify [[askiavista:]] Admins’ work.

So what does this mean? From onwards, you will be able to apply update packages generated from InstallShield which make this task nearly as easy as 1, 2, 3…, ie. Next, Next, Finish!

We’ve reworked the [[askiavista:]] wiki on which you now find:

  • [[askiavista:Install]] - our updated install procedure for new clients & new servers.
  • [[askiavista:Wipe and Install|Wipe & Install]] - our procedure to wipe & re-install legacy [[askiavista:]] servers (This step is necessary to benefit from the easy update packages).
  • [[askiavista:Update]] - our new & easy update, and rollback, procedure.

And of course we’ve also update [[askiavista:]]’s [[askiavista:Version History]]. In the coming week we look forward to posting another news on some of the key features this new 5.3.1 iteration of [[askiavista:]] can bring to your business.

Also, we’ve been toying with the idea of scheduling a webex presentation/discussion of [[askiavista:]]. As we’ve never done this, and are not sure how many of you would be interested - we invite those interested to open a new Webex presentation topic & manifest themselves on the askiavista Forum!




[^1]: [[askiavista:]] can now be setup in farm configurations, enabling you to serve more data to more users! You can add [[askiavista:AVS]] servers (which do the number crunching) along the road as you need to serve more survey data, as well as add failover [[askiavista:AVS]] servers. Finally, you can also add failover and/or loadbalancing to [[askiavista:]]’s web front end, that is, the server(s) serving the actual .NET web application or interface.

Askia Development: askiadesign - version 5.2

Added by Jérôme Duparc over 8 years ago

Hello All,

It’s done, the new version 5.2 of askiadesign is now released. You can find the details of the new features in our users area, in askiadesign project, roadmap .

We also completely reviewed the Getting Started Guide, now available here (only in English for now).

We’re currently working on the Assistant, it should be updated soon.



Askia Development: askiaanalyse - News on scripts

Added by Vincent Le Gall over 8 years ago

Hi All,

To respond to requests from askiaanalyse users we changed how to create our variables in version

We preferred the use of fixed Entry codes instead of relying on the order of response items. In some cases this can cause the appearance of error messages when opening QES files for which previous versions of askiaanalyse were used. To sort this, you only need to modify these variables in askiaanalyse.



Askia Development: askiadesign - version 5.2

Added by Jérôme Duparc almost 9 years ago

As some of you may know, we are working on a complete new version of askiadesign (v6), but before that, we are busy finishing a last v5 release, version 5.2. This version is almost completed and we should be releasing a beta build in a few days. So keep an eye on our news!

In meantime, you can see the list of features which 5.2 will include on the Roadmap



Askia Development: askiavoice - upcoming features

Added by Yannick Abbé almost 9 years ago

Hello All,

We have started testing the first beta builds of version 5.2 of the [[askiavoice:CCA]].

More work is needed, but it’s taking the shape of a significant release, with new features such as:

In the meantime, 5.1.11 is available to you, and if you are running an older version we strongly recommend you update. Among the features this version brought, the following stand out:

  • Incomplete Interviews ([[askiavoice:CATI]] only for now) can be saved, enabling you to draw info from: `Refusals`, `Not in targets`, etc…
  • Cati start-up state (`Pause`, `Ready`) is now configurable. This is done via Agent restrictions.
  • New options for call results settings: `Hide call result` on CATI and `Drop call` (Only available with [[askiavoice:CTArchitect]]). :




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