askiaface for iOS 3.0 now available!

Added by Paul Nevin almost 4 years ago


After 2 months of development, 48 issues and five bêta versions, we at last have a final release!

Askiaface 3.0 has been published on Apple’s App Store; this major update includes many new bits and pieces:

Based on the iOS 7.1 SDK

Makes use of the most recent iOS environment to leverage the latest bug fixes, new features and performance improvements.

Universal application: askiaface now runs on iPad and iPhone


Complete interface redesign

The interface(s) of Askiaface for iOS 3.0 have been redesigned from the ground up in order to provide a simple, more streamlined and consistent user experience.



We have added automatic geolocation capture to Askiaface for iOS 3.0. Provided you authorise geolocation for the application, each interview will contain the necessary geolocation data.


Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fix on missing survey resources
  • Fix on accented / special characters

You can check the version notes for more information.



Added by Christine Caggia-Porruncini almost 4 years ago