askiaface for Android 3.0 released!

Added by Paul Nevin almost 4 years ago


Version 3.0 of our dedicated Android face to face application is a major version that includes three new important features:

1. Media capture: photo
2. Increased web service timeout to support larger XML files
3. Geolocation

You can check out the release notes for more details.

Some notes about the above features:

  • The photo capture feature will automatically crop photos to 1024 x 768px in order to avoid `DesignSurveyService` from time-outing when sending large XML interviews (media is encoded in Base64 in the XML).
  • Geolocation: positioning information is stored in a system variable in the .QES’ `AskResponse1` table. This data can be extracted by means of an askiaanalyse `Calculated Variable`.

You can head to the Play Store to update your devices!

Also, check this spot as we have also important news to come on the iDevice side of mobile interviewing ;)