Introducing a new-look User Area - The Help Centre

Introducing a new-look User Area to replace Redmine - The Help Centre
Added by Jérôme Duparc about 4 years ago

As part of our continued effort to keep you up to date with Askia’s technical information we have launched the Askia Help Centre which spans all of our apps and includes articles and resources to help in your day-to-day management of Askia software

You can find everything you need in the Help Centre ( without a login unless you want installation advice or to post a comment on an article. The content of the Help Centre steps through installations, the product range, all you need to know about our API and a Community area. Here’s the structure:

Installation: Here you will find all the install files, guides and minimum hardware spec to support the apps (you’ll need your login for this section)

Design, Field, Analysis:
These sections contain training documentation, Assistant and Knowledge Base articles (login not needed for this). At the time of launch we already had 220 advanced K-Base articles available to help you increase your technical skills.

API: Here we’ve added all the API info for askiavista (no login needed here either)

Community: This is the place to come to post ideas and questions which can be read by everyone in the Askia community who can also reply to you. If you have something to say, say it here!

On the home page you will notice a Promoted Articles section which is where the most interesting or recent articles will appear. These articles are posted by an Askia panel of experts and product champions which will definitely be of interest to you and will allow you to leave comments or perhaps expand on the article itself.

To make things easier and to get the most out of the articles you will be able to search using keywords so we will be sure to make a good selection available just as we did in Redmine.

Once you have found a useful article you can share it on your preferred social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

You’ll only need your login if you want to comment on any of the articles so get writing and we look forward to reading them soon!

Finally, to further extend our use of our new support platform you will now be able to submit requests for tech help via the Help Centre where you will also be able to see all the emails sent to and their status

So it’s indeed goodbye to Redmine and hello to the Help Centre.

Please use the Forum to let us know what you think so please get started and contribute to this new community platform. We would love to hear from you and the community will thank you for it!

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Added by Patrick George Lassale about 4 years ago

This is great ! Let's cross finger and … contribute :-)

Added by John Lillie almost 4 years ago

Bye bye redmine; it's been emotional.