Introducing askiadesign 5.3.3

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago

What’s new in askiadesign 5.3.3 ?

CATI and CAPI screens are now web-based

We added a new option in the screen group properties “Use web screens in VOICE/FACE”. If you tick this option, the CATI and CAPI screens will be rendered as web screens.


This allows you to embed Flash objects, JavaScript code etc. on screens displayed on the agent/respondent side.

Change the Language of a survey at any time

We added the option to change the language at any time during a survey which uses web screens. An article explaining how it works is available in the knowledge base. You can also test it using a live demo.


New askia design controls (ADC 2.0)

We have created the first batch of new ADC 2.0 controls which are Javascript-based.

These controls are compatible with all devices (desktops, tablets & smartphones); these controls include intelligent fallbacks so if JavaScript is not enabled then the controls will generate classical HTML controls.
You can also build your own controls and can for example build a control which render by default a Flash object; then, if Flash is not enabled, a Javascript fallback version will be triggered. And if Javascript is also not enabled, a classic HTML version will then be displayed to the agent / respondent.
You can also do the same if it’s for desktop, tablet or smartphone so different versions related to the device used. For more information, check the ADC 2.0 full details.

As with ADC 1.0 (Flash), ADC 2.0 allow you to customise the appearance as well as the interaction of your survey controls by giving you access to their design parameters.

Below the list of available controls with links to live demos:

Statement - live demo

StatementOther - live demo

Statement List - live demo

Ranking Isotope - live demo

Image Select - live demo

Of course, more ADC 2.0 controls will soon be released!

To differentiate between ADC 1.0 and ADC 2.0, the colour of the icon used in the resources tab is changed. Orange is used for 1.0 and blue for 2.0.

New askiascript 2.0 objects/properties/methods

We have extended askiascript 2.0 with new objects, properties and methods. There is a list below. The complete askiascript 2.0 documentation is available.


Alternative browser to test surveys

In askiadesign’s Settings, we have added the possibility to set 5 alternative browser paths. For example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, …

When you test a survey in web mode, you will see a new drop down menu. If you select another browser, the system will launch the selected browser with the currently tested page.

Set the capacity during a test in askiadesign (useful to test the fallback of ADC 2.0)

In askiadesign 5.3.2, we added the possibility to specify the resolution of the browser you want to test. In askiadesign 5.3.3, we also added an option to enable or disable some functionality to help test the new ADC 2.0, especially the fallback of the controls.
For instance, simulate pure HTML in a small browser:

800 x 400:Javascript:false,Flash:“”

This would run ADCs assuming that neither Javascript nor Flash are run on the browser
For details of all the capabilities you can alter, see the list of browser plugin keys

Improvement of internet parameter imports

We have improved the way a question can be imported through its internet parameters:

1. Two new import types added: Platform One and Fulcrum. These are like a normal internet parameter imports but we needed to flag that they might act differently.
2. The `Make the question invisible when imported` option, which allows the user to ask the question if it has not been specified in the received link / importation.
3. We have allowed questions within loops to be imported. In this case you need to define the name of the parameter for each loop item.
4. Multiple questions can now be imported when you use entry codes or order: you simply need to separate the values with commas e.g.“askiaext.dll?action=newinterview&newspapers=1,3,4”
5. For Platform One imports, we have a new field indicating if the data is “Read/write”, “Read only” or “Write only”.


Response / resource association improvement

The item None has been added (to deselect an image). Only images are now displayed and in alphabetical order.

ToolTips in the Resources tab

We have added tooltips to the Resources tab (located in askiadesign’s Screen mode) when you mouse over a resource. It displays the the resource path or the version number of the appropriate ADC control.


Added by Maurice Delaney about 4 years ago

"CATI and CAPI screens are now web-based"

Our CATI interviewers largely don't use their mouses for input, but instead type in the "entry code" that appears beside each response when "Prefix answer with entry code" is ticked in the Screen Generation setup.

Would this "entry code" still be available in the web-based interface?


Maurice Delaney

Added by Didier van Kesteren almost 4 years ago


We have version of cca and version 3.0 for android and adc2-statements doens't work !

Is there something i did not understand ?


Added by Jérôme Duparc almost 4 years ago

Hi Didier,

It's normal cause the adc2 are not right now implemented for iOS and Android. That's gonna be done in the next version of askiaface iOS and android.

Best Regards

Added by Jérôme Duparc almost 4 years ago

Hi Maurice,

Right now the actual version doesn't include the possibility to use the entry code but the devs are working on it and will be available for sure. I already received an alpha version of the adc2-statement.adc which include this possibility. But we still got some works to do on it so we will post news as soon it will be available.

Best Regards