Coming soon in askiafield 5.3.3 part 2

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago

This is the follow-up article to last week’s post(Coming soon in askiafield 5.3.3 part 1) that detailed all new features of [[askiavoice:|askiafield]] 5.3.3 that were specifically located in askiafield Administrator.

This week, we’ll be covering new additions to Supervisor, CCA Portal, AskiaClient & AskiaFace such as:

  • New Ribbon control
  • Web screens for CATi & CAPi
  • Agent view
  • CATi Click & Go

Supervisor’s new Ribbon control

Supervisor now makes use of a Ribbon control as well as a new (fully consistent) icon set. Instead of having to right-click on elements in order to display its contextual actions, all actions are now available directly from the Ribbon.
Note that the old right-click menu is still there. And if you don’t want to use the ribbon, just double-click on the header to hide it.

Clicking the Supervisor icon (located in the top left corner), you can access the `CCA Settings`, `Logging Settings` and `View CCA Log` actions.


The ribbon is split in 4 main sections:

  • View
  • Create
  • Extra
  • Dynamic (this fourth tab displays the selected window actions)


*A. View*

The `View` section is split into three categories:
1. Open/Select view: gives you access to all Views (panels)

2\. Window: this section contains window preset management controls and allows you to load / save or arrange Supervisor’s workspace.


3\. Options: this section is composed of all language settings, window snapping and view filtering.


*B. Create*

The `Create` tab is composed of four categories:

It allows you to create new elements on the askiafield Administrator (Task, Group, List & other objects).

*C. Extra*

From the `Extra` tab, you will have access to other askiafield Administrator settings and actions that are generally not directly related to your fieldwork.


*D. Dynamic*

This last tab is dynamic and will thus display controls based on the currently selected window/panel. It contains all actions that were available from the contextual menu in previous versions.

For example, if you’re focused on the `Tasks` window, the dynamic view will contain these controls:

And if the `Agents` window is selected, you’ll obtain:


Web screens for CATi & CAPi

With version 5.3.3, we have made a big step for the display of surveys in CATi & CAPi: now, web screens are available in these two modes!
This allows you to embed Flash objects, JavaScript code, … on screens displayed on the agent/respondent side.

During the setup/update of a CATi or CAPi machine in 5.3.3, a `Scripts` folder will be copied to the machine. That’s the same folder content than the one used in askiadesign.

On Windows 7 and higher, this folder is set to:


On windows XP, it’s located in:

C:\Program Files\AskiaField\AskiaClient

The first step is to enable web screens for CATi/CAPi. In askiadesign’s `Screen` mode, select the `Screen` tab in the left panel and right-click `Screen group` > `Properties` > `Screen group` tab and activate the `Use web screens in Voice/Face` option.

On the CATi/CAPi side, the agent (or respondent) will be able to obtain richer layouts, interactive controls, … as below:

CCA Portal new features

*A. Agent view*

The `Agent` view has been added to CCA Portal 5.3.3 and allows you to monitor your live fieldwork from any browser.

From this view, you can create or delete an agent, run a `See in`, `Listen in` or even `Send a message`.


*B. CATi Click & Go*

Click & Go for CATi is now available in CCA Portal. Enter your login and password, go to the left pane, select `Click & Go Supervisor/CATi` and then select `CATi`. Once the Click & Go setup has been downloaded, double click it. You will be able to connect as an agent to the appropriate CCA and run interviews.

That’s all for today but stay tuned as we will be detailing the massive improvements to askiavista sometime next week!