Coming soon in askiafield 5.3.3 part 1

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago

[[askiavoice:|askiafield]] 5.3.3 will soon be released to our users; this major update is loaded with many new features & improvements.

We’ll be covering these new elements over a two-post series, this first post details all major additions to the askiafield Administrator (aka CCA) such as: Filter views, Workspace management, VoIP quality alarms, Auto-updates, Retrieving DoPanel links and more!

Restrictions: global settings management

In previous versions, certain application settings were directly managed in the Windows Registry for Supervisor and CATI. With 5.3.3, you have the ability to manage them directly from the `Restrictions` properties.

Agent type restriction:

  • Location mode: Defined by computer / Agent selects / Pick free softphone

  • `Askia Enable Full Screen` and `AskiaClient hide CATI during call`


Supervisor type restriction:

As for CATI, the location mode can be set for a specific restriction.
Also, you have the ability to set the workspace for the supervisor, according to the usage you want to give. By making use of `Enable inbound`, `Enable outbound`, `Enable CAPI`, `Enable coding` and `Enable web`, it will activate / deactivate some menus or windows on the Supervisor side.


Filter view

This allows you to filter a view’s content by setting a filter on each column.


The `Custom filter` option allows you to display elements that:

  • Begins with
  • Contains
  • Does not contain
  • Does not equals
  • Ends with
  • Equals
  • Regular Expression

In the second drop down you may choose value or you can type your own.



Workspaces (used to be `Window profiles`) have slightly changed behaviour:

Instead of storing the current workspace ID and forcing every user to the same workspace,* each Supervisor user now has his own workspace*.

This has following benefits:

  • Each supervisor workspace will be restored to its last state when the corresponding user logs in, independent of which machine he/she was working on last time.
  • The old workspaces are now `Workspace presets`, which allow you to change your own workspace to the saved workspace. After this you again be working in your own workspace.


Alarms on VoIP quality

It is now possible to set alarms on VoIP quality. Open the `Alarms` dialog, select the CATI tab and tick `Enable Voice Quality Detection`.


VoIP logging per Agent

VoIP logging can be enabled/disabled and downloaded per agent. This function is available from the `Agent` contextual menu. It allows you to retrieve extra logs on a location where you may be experiencing dialling issues.



There is a new setting which allows you to keep your askiafield Administrator(CCA) up to date automatically. You can disable auto-updates, only download the latest version or download & install the latest version.


Duplicate Scheduled Tasks

We have added the ability to duplicate `Scheduled Tasks`. In the `Sample` properties modal, select the `Scheduling` tab and then right-click the appropriate `Scheduled Task` and select `Duplicate`.


Properties opened by another Supervisor

Now, when you want to open the `Properties` of any object (`Task`, `Agent`, `List`, …), an alert displays the name of the supervisor who is currently editing these `Properties`.


Retrieving DoPanel links

From the `Find/edit contact` window, you now have the ability to:

  • Start the web interview for a selected contact. It will place you at the exact spot where the respondent is.
  • Start a test panel interview for this contact (no data recorded).
  • Copy the panel link. Note for this, you can select multiple contacts to get their panel links.


Limit the amount of reminder emails

You can now limit the amount of reminders emails; this option is now available in the `Send reminder mails` settings modal.


Outbound group monitor details

On the contextual menu for a selected `Outbound group`, you have the ability to see the dialling performance for this group.


By clicking the `History` button, you have a specific window dedicated to the performance of Predictive dialling:


That’s all for now, we’ll be posting the second and last part of this series of posts next week. It will detail all new elements in Supervisor, CCAPortal, AskiaFace & AskiaClient.