askiaanalyse 5.3.3: new features

Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago


askiaanalyse 5.3.3 has been released and it is fully packed with many new features and fixes. Below, we’ll detail some of the most interesting aspects of this new version:

Simplification of the tab definition panel

In order to declutter the `Tab definition` panel (especially for users who do not need advanced functionality), we have added a `Simplify general tab` option. When active, a new `Advanced` panel is displayed below the `Edges`. All the following controls are moved from General to advanced:

  • Title
  • Universe
  • Level
  • Chart templates



Additions to the variable Description panel

We now also display the `Entry code` to the `Description` panel:


Also, each column is now sortable!

Customise the question caption in the treeview / tab definition

Simultaneously displaying different combinations of question captions; especially when manipulating a .QES/.QEW file you did not create.

Two new options have been added:

  • Shortcut + Long Caption
  • Short caption + Long caption


This feature is also available for the `Tab Definition` panel.

New export tools

The `Export to` MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint buttons have been added to the application’s toolbar.


You can use these directly from the `Results`, `Table` & `Portfolio` views.

Export the ToC to Excel

You can add a table of contents to your MS Excel export by means of the below option:


A `ToC` tab will be added to your Excel spreadsheet:


Import assets from another survey

Click the `Tools` menu and click `Import survey definitions`; you will be prompted to select the survey from which you wish to import one or more assets.

You have the possibility to import the `Sub-populations`, `Weightings` & `Calculated variables`.


New calculations

Mention rate

To extend our support for more calculations, we have added `Mention rate` in crosstabs. All results will be calculated on the base of `Sum of responses`.



New calculations by Script: Counts & Percentage

We have added the `Script (base)` calculation for Totals which means you can override the default value for `Counts` to show the base (which makes it clear to explain how you calculate the %).


Wilcoxon’s Rank Sum Test

To compare two `Means` on paired samples (e.g. before / after comparison)


Word clouds

You now have the possibility to export your word cloud as an image (.BMP, .JPG or .GIF).


We have also added the `Group` feature to word clouds; these allow you to group words and (re)use them for other word clouds. You can add words to an existing category or create a new one:


You can of course manage your `Group` library by clicking the `Group` button:


Groups can be edited directly in any text editor:


Once you have amended / maintained your `Group` library, you can either display: `All words`, `Grouped words only` or `Groups only` in your word clouds.

New features for Numeric questions

DK management

You can assign different values on Numeric or Closed question and specify the `Base type`:


Let’s imagine the Numeric question contains the value 10 (a value that is considered as DK /not concerned in this example).
You can now set the DK value to its `Base type` (in the response `Properties`), change the factors (from 10 to NR). The statistic calculation will exclude it automatically.


Note: the answering base on Numeric question will display only the count per DK answers.

There are many more features in this brand new askiaanalyse, such as full 64-bit compliance, the new Longitude & Latitude calculated variables, … So be sure to access the entire list of features.