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Added by Paul Nevin about 4 years ago


We have added some very interesting articles & tutorials to our [[KnowledgeBase|Askia user Knowledge Base]], some of which will most certainly help you improve your workflow and/or knowledge of Askia software.

Effective Base

What is the `Effective Base` and how to use it? This article details this new calculation (introduced in askiaanalyse and how it can help you reduce the effect of a `Weighting` when calculating an `Efficiency Test`.

[[Effective_Base|Read the Effective Base article]]

Level Link - Simple Example

[[Level_Link_-_Simple_Example|This article]] details how the `Level Link` can allow you to compare two variables that belong to two different loops. Seyf runs you through all the necessary steps; from askiaanalyse to [askiaanalyse:askiatools|askiatools] & back to [askiaanalyse:askiaanalyse|askiaanalyse]!

[[Level_Link_-_Simple_Example|Read the Level Link -simple example article]]

Level Link - Mean Difference Example

[[Level_Link__Mean_Difference_Example|This more advanced example]] will allow you to setup a `Level Link` in order to create a table that subtracts `Mean` score where we want to see Loop2 Mean score Loop1 Mean score (for all common response items present in the loops).

[[Level_Link_-_Mean_Difference_Example|Read the Level Link -Mean Difference example article]]

Set up an authentication portal for your web surveys

Stephen wrote a complete tutorial on how to set up an authentication portal for your web surveys. An authentication portal is a web page displayed to your web respondents. It prompts them for their respondent credentials and once the respondents enter their password (or ID), they are redirected to a specific survey. If they have already started the survey, they will resume were they had previously left off.

[[Set_up_an_authentication_portal|Read the Authentication portal article]]