Askiaface for Android updated to 1.1

Added by Paul Nevin over 4 years ago


[[askiavoice:Askiaface|Askiaface for Android]] has been updated to [[askiavoice:VH_Face_Android|version 1.1]], this minor update includes necessary bug fixes as detailed below:

  • Askia Chapters not interpreted on Android (#5350)
  • Date(now) returns 113 instead of 2013 on Android (#5395)
  • Fixed issue with duplicate interviews with GUID implementation (#5570)
  • Live routings not interpreted on Android (#5350)

To grab this update, just head to the Google Play Store on your [[askiavoice:Askiaface_Android_devices|Android device]] and Update!

We will be pushing a new update very shortly to include another fix and a new feature as well (say cheese so keep an eye out)