New KB articles incoming!

Added by Paul Nevin over 3 years ago


We have been regularly updating Askia’s Help centre with various KB articles that cover our software offering.
Here are some of these latest articles:

Askiadesign: about:blank error message

Microsoft recently updated Internet Explorer. This update may cause the below error message to be displayed in askiadesign:

See the full article to fix this issue.

Askiafield: Data exports: Methods, Pros & Cons

This in-depth article covers all you need to know about the different data export methods along with the pros & cons for each method.
From Supervisor’s Export to QES file to Analyse’s Data Inversion; this article also details SQL Synchronisation from AskiaTools as well as the powerful Fast Export method.

Read the full article for the detailed explanations

Askiaanalyse: Mean Summary Tables

This article goes through step by step examples and explanations of how to set up calculations in Analyse which will create a mean or sum summary table. There is also an introduction to script formatting and advanced sorting for such calculations.
This detailed article also provides downloadable example `.QES` files.

Access the KB article

Askiafield: Survey XML file is corrupt

Askiaface for iOS & Android make use of the XML version of the `.QEX` file; it sometimes occurs that certain characters (trailing spaces, &, >, <, …) will cause the survey’s XML definition to be invalid.

This article guides you through the necessary steps to fix a corrupt XML file: by identifying the cuplrit(s) and getting rid of them!

Check out the article for more details

Askiafield: wildcards

This article describes how to use the `Wildcard` feature in Supervisor to find and update sample contacts based on regular expressions.

Wildcards are a set of extremely useful tools that can power your worklfow when searching / targeting specific contacts with large sample files.

Read the detailed article for more information

Props to Seyf, Stephen & Jérome D for their contribution!